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Five Interesting Playground Sets Across the U.S.


5 Interesting Playground Sets Across the U.S.


1. Urban Inspired Playground Set – City Museum, St. Louis

A unique urban inspired playground set housed in a 600,000 square foot abandoned international shoe factory. The museum is an eclectic mixture of children’s playground sets, fun house and architectural wonder. A crew of roughly 20 artists came together to build this magnificent playground set from the city itself and as a result it has deeper urban roots than any other institution ever!

2. Playground Park – Clemyjontri Park in McLean, VA

At first glance Clemyjontri appears to look just like any other ordinary playground set in America. What sets this playground apart is that it is a unique place where children of all abilities can play side by side. Some swings have added support for children who struggle to hold themselves up. There are even lowered monkey bars that provide access to children of all abilities. There truly is something for everyone at this unique playground set.

3. Adventure Playground in Berkeley, CA

The popular and unique playground set at Berkeley Marina was opened around 1979. What makes this park interesting is the children actually help build the parks attractions. The children are encouraged to pick up and return scrape wood, nails and other trash from the play area in exchange for building materials. Of course adults are present to supervise and assist in any way possible but the children get to experience a sort of tom sawyer experience.

The designers prior to constructing the giant playground set in Memphis Tennessee consulted with several children to find out what they wanted in a playground. The result led to the development of several “nest” each a separate playground set in itself with differing activities appropriate for a wide age group. Vines circle the entire metal arbor giving the playground set a unique appeal.

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