Creative Playset Games for Children



Most playsets have forts, slides and other accessories that mimic fortifications or tree houses. Most kids make up their own games revolving these without many problems. However, you can play along and encourage them with toys, various objects and even pirate outfits. If you do not have a playset or are looking for one Superior Play has some wonderful playsets. A lot of them have built-in forts to help with your children’s creativity.


This is a wonderful game for older children who may be a little too big to use the playsets swings as much as they once could. Playsets with climbing walls, ropes, trapeze bar, or a rock wall are perfect for this. To prepare for your triathlon figure out three or more events that will be necessary. Then determine how many times your child will have to repeat them. For instance, your child may have to run up the rock wall three times and cross over monkey bars two times. Next, run up and slide down the slide three times, and finally run around the playset twice before crossing your makeshift finish line. Remember safety first and be sure to stay hydrated at all times!

Obstacle Course

This is a great way to incorporate exercise into your child’s routine with your playset. In addition, this is a wonderful chance for younger children to hone their balance and strengthen their muscular endurance. For example, your child could

  • Crawl under the swing set without their back touching the swing
  • Run up the rock wall
  • Turn the steering wheel five times
  • Run down the step/rung ladder
  • Crawl up the climbing ladder
  • Finally slide down the slide

The idea is to create a specific set of instructions that have to be followed to see if your child can remember the pattern correctly. Also, you can use a stop watch to keep track of your child’s time and let them compete against themselves or against friends.  The most important aspect to keep in mind is safety comes first.

If you currently don’t have a playset or if you’re looking to buy one check out Superior Play Systems®. They have a great line up of Wooden Play Sets so you can start playing these games today with your children today!

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