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Play Houses

Play Houses

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Outdoor Playhouse

An outdoor playhouse kit is a fantastic way to create a lifetime of memories. Backyard playhouse kits allow you to build a barn-style structure or one in the shape of a house. Kids will have a blast pretending to move in and playing house. Unlike treehouses, you don’t have to worry about falls, and these structures allow you to make even the most out of limited space.

With over 18 years of experience building making children's dreams come true, Superior Play Systems is the respected authority on playhouse design and construction. We proudly build high quality indoor and outdoor playhouses to provide a lifetime of cherished memories for you and your children.

There are plenty of advantages to our outdoor playhouse kits and prebuilt play houses, such as that they:

  • Come With Everything You Need: Not handy? Not a problem. These kits contain everything you need, so you can set up quickly and get your children playing and having fun.
  • Can Be Used for Different Play: Playhouses offer lots of options. Kids can fill them with their favorite toys, artwork or other accessories. They can also use them as a place to play board games, read or create their own imaginative games.
  • Are Useful for Indoor or Outdoor Play: Kids can have fun “fixing” up their house or doing “yard work” around it. They can also have lots of fun setting up the inside, which allows them to play all year long — even in the rain!
  • Encourage Active Play: Running around the house, opening and closing doors and windows and exploring the space works gross and fine motor skills and encourages kids to move, even if you don’t have space for an entire elaborate playground.
  • Include Everyone: Kids of different abilities can use a playhouse in unique ways. They can set it up, get inside or stay outdoors. If you’re looking for an activity that can be enjoyed by different ages and types of kids, this is it.
  • Promote Development: Playhouses are a blank slate for kids that encourages them to develop their imaginations. They can pretend to buy a house or that they are neighbors. Families can use the playhouse as a fun spot for reading and educational activities to offer those tasks a little extra fun. Children can play in a playhouse together or entertain themselves alone. There are tons of opportunities and options. Families can set up these structures to best appeal to their kids' needs.

Many kids dream of having a secret hideout or a treehouse. Even if your yard has no tree and limited space, you can encourage your son’s or daughter’s imagination with playhouses in different styles and with various features. Check out our selection at Superior Play Systems, or contact us today for more information!