Springfree 8' x 11' Medium Oval

Our Springfree 8 x 11 ft Oval Trampoline and Safety Enclosure is designed for jumpers of all ages. Our 8 x11 ft mat jumping surface is equivalent to a 10 x13 oval trampoline with springs, but takes up the space of a traditional 8x11 ft trampoline so you maximize your jumping surface and save valuable backyard space.
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Why This Springfree Option Is a Great Choice for Your Play Space

This medium trampoline offers several benefits for anyone who wants to experience fun and exercise, right in their backyard:

  • Lots of bounce space. This Springfree trampoline, with its 8 x 11 surface, gives you lots of space to bounce while taking up less room. The lack of springs ensures more area for bouncing.
  • No pinching and reduced risk of injury. Spring trampolines can cause pinching injuries to small hands upon impact. Impact with the frame and springs can also cause sprains, lacerations and other injuries, even with a spring cover. Spring trampolines also have gaps between springs, and this can pose a danger if small hands and feet fall through. With this trampoline, none of those injuries are a factor. The surface goes right to the net, so there is no risk of spring injuries and since the frame is under the surface, there is no risk of direct impact with the frame.
  • Made to last. This medium trampoline is constructed with durability in mind and can handle thousands of bounce sessions. It can also stay outside even in inclement weather. With minimal maintenance needed, this piece of equipment is always there when you want some exercise.
  • This oval trampoline is a great fit in almost any space. The oval shape is pleasing and this trampoline, with its simple lines and classic colors, can look great as part of a home playground or as a stand-alone. With clear lines of visibility, you can keep an eye on kids playing, and you can set up the trampoline on different types of terrain, too.
  • This piece of equipment makes exercise fun. While delivering a serious full-body workout which works major muscle groups and improves strength, balance and coordination, bouncing is also a lot of fun. This is a way to get the family exercising without it feeling like a chore! Kids can even play games on the trampoline, helping them improve their social skills. Since this Springfree trampoline 8 x 11 ft with enclosure is inclusive, it can be used by exercisers of various ages and skills in different ways, making it a smart investment for the whole family.

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* Diameter: 8 x 11 ft * Jumper weight rating: 220 lbs * Surface area of mat 77 sq ft * Frame : Heavy gauge steel * Entrance: Robust, double-sided zipper

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Additional Info
Manufacturer Springfree
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Trampoline Shape Oval
Trampoline Size 8 x 11 ft
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