Playground Basketball Hoops

Playground Basketball Hoops

Playground Basketball Hoops

What’s a great way to foster a safe, healthy and active play environment for kids and teens of all ages? Basketball! Superior Play Systems® is proud to feature PROformance basketball hoops and accessories designed for years of durability. Superior Play also installs in-ground and wall-mounted hoops, in addition to designing and installing complete courts, playgrounds and more.

Should I Install a Playground Basketball Hoop?

Not only does a basketball hoop help kids stay active, burn off stress and learn important physical and social skills, but it can also last for generations if it’s properly maintained and installed.

The benefits of installing a basketball hoop on your playground include:

  • Active and healthy free play. Even at the beginner level, basketball supports the development of critical physical skills such as hand-eye coordination and balance. Basketball also burns calories, builds endurance and strengthens muscles.
  • Improved mental health. Physical activities such as basketball release special brain chemicals called endorphins. Endorphin production maintains and improves mental health.
  • Low cost-per-play. Installing a hoop on your playground is a one-time expense, aside from periodic maintenance. Basketball hoops last for years with little upkeep.

What About Installing a Basketball Hoop Myself?

Whether you’re considering an in-ground basketball hoop or an adjustable wall-mounted basketball hoop, you’ll need the right tools and techniques to ensure a safe, long-lasting installation.

If you’re considering an in-ground hoop, you’ll need:

  • The right power equipment. An auger, a post-digger or a small tractor with a backhoe will help you dig the hole for the footing. You’ll also need a small cement mixer and power tools such as a screw gun.
  • Plenty of help. An in-ground hoop needs a sturdy, heavy post and a strong backboard. You’ll need at least an additional two or three people to help you lift the pieces into place and hold them steady as you check that it’s level and square to the playing surface.

If you’d like to install a wall-mounted basketball hoop, you’ll need:

  • A strong installation surface. Don’t install a wall-mounted hoop if the surface you need to attach it to is cracked, rotten or crumbling.
  • At least one or two friends. Like the in-ground hoop, installing a wall-mounted backboard and rim safely requires more than one person.

Should I Consider Professional Installation?

Superior Play provides expert basketball hoop installation to customers from Georgia to New Jersey. We’re happy to visit your playground, perform a visual inspection and help you choose the right place for your basketball hoop.

We’ll also recommend the type and size of hoop that’s right for the kids using your playground the most. From small wall-mounted basketball hoops to regulation-sized courts, Superior Play is ready to take your playground to the next level.

Contact Superior Play for Your Playground Basketball Hoop

Superior Play Systems® is a leader in playground basketball hoop sales and installation because we offer safe and durable products built to last for years to come. When you’re ready to discuss how adding a basketball hoop to your playground will help kids engage in healthy, active and social play, get in touch with us.

For more information on PROformance basketball products, complete our online contact form or visit a showroom in our Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina or Pennsylvania locations.

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