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Indoor Hoops

Indoor Hoops

Indoor Basketball Goal

Basketball is a great activity for parents and kids alike — it encourages active play, healthy competition and dedicated practice. Plus, it's just fun! Whether you have a young basketball fan, a student-athlete or a child who enjoys playing casually, a home court and basketball hoop can benefit every member of your household year-round.

An in-ground basketball hoop can provide more space to move and get kids to play outside. However, at Superior Play Systems, we understand that outdoor in-ground hoops don't work for all families. You might choose an indoor basketball goal if you live in a climate too hot or cold for regular outdoor play, have limited outdoor space, have an inside gym space or simply prefer shooting hoops inside.

If you're looking for an indoor basketball system that can stand up to regular, aggressive play, we can help. A wall-mounted basketball hoop from PROformance provides the same great play experience you'd find on a real court. These indoor hoops offer superior safety, convenience and durability to indoor players.

Optimized for Safe Indoor Play

As a parent, you make safety your top priority. Our wall-mounted PROformance indoor basketball hoops are optimized to keep you, your kids and your home safe during indoor play. When you choose a PROformance indoor basketball goal, you'll discover safety features capable of handling anything your kids throw at them, including:

  • A dual-spring safety breakaway rim: The spring-reinforced rim on your indoor basketball hoop will snap right back into place to prevent player injury. Your kids can practice slam dunking as much as they like without concern for safety.
  • Hideaway rim net attachment: The net of your hoop will attach to the rim seamlessly with no sharp, protruding parts.
  • Shatter-resistant backboard: PROformance indoor basketball goals feature NBA and NCAA-style backboards constructed from durable, shatter-resistant tempered glass capable of safely handling aggressive play.
  • Sturdy wall attachment: When choosing a wall-mounted indoor basketball goal, you want to keep your family and your home safe. Our indoor hoops feature heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant hardware to keep your hoop firmly attached to the wall.

Your family's fun should never be interrupted by an accident. With a PROformance wall-mounted goal, you and your kids can play indoors safely with less worry and risk of injury.

Easy to Adjust and Transport

When you set up an indoor basketball court, you want your hoop to grow with your kids' skill levels and enable active play for years. PROformance basketball hoops are designed with this goal in mind. You can easily adjust the height of your wall-mounted hoop by using the crank height adjustment handle — no ladder required. You can change the height to suit your indoor space or add challenge as players improve their skills.

Unlike in-ground goals, wall-mounted indoor goals can also travel with your family across multiple home locations. If you move houses or want to change up your play setting, simply remove the hoop and hardware from the wall and reassemble it somewhere new.

Durable Enough for Years of Play

Whether your family uses your indoor basketball system every week or every day, you deserve to enjoy a high-performance hoop for years of energetic play. Constructed from strong, durable materials — including stainless steel and tempered glass — PROformance indoor hoops stand up to years of frequent, aggressive use.

The manufacturer is so confident in the long-lasting performance of their indoor basketball goals that they provide lifetime warranties on all their products. With a PROformance hoop, you can feel confident that you and your family can play basketball together now and well into the future.

Padding for Indoor Basketball Hoops

Backboard edge padding for your indoor wall mount basketball hoop is an important part of your ball play experience. Made from urethane, closed-cell foam, protective foam padding is molded to the edges and bottom of the backboard to better protect the backboard from damage. More importantly, padding can help protect players, even during vigorous gameplay. If a player hits their hand or another body part against the backboard with enough force, it can cause sprains and even fractures. With some padding, the risk of injuries is reduced.

This padding is bolted on the board rather than glued on, providing better protection and stability. This padding offers stiffness along the bottom of the backboard for better rebound and bounce and helps your indoor basketball hoop wall mount last longer. The black padding also provides a cool, uniform look with a contoured edge to prevent game interference.

It’s much less expensive to replace the foam padding than the entire backboard, so be sure to replace the urethane material as it becomes worn from game time. It’s an investment in the longevity of your indoor wall basketball hoop.

If you notice and professional-level or school-level backboard hoop setup, you'll see that the backboard includes padding, which offers additional protection from injury and safeguards the hoop and space. Your own hoop deserves no less. At Superior Play, you can purchase backboard padding for indoor and outdoor hoops, helping you play a better game each time.

Indoor Basketball Hoop Installation Services From Superior Play

Buying the best wall mount indoor basketball hoop is only the first step. The pro performance of your hoop and setup is only possible with the right installation. It’s all about angles and the right reinforcement to ensure your hoop can handle the strongest slam dunks.

Superior Play offers installation services to help you out. If you need installation in parts of New York or in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi or Arkansas, you can request one of our professional installers. Having one of our experts install your PROformance basketball hoop for you offers you several advantages:

  • You'll get an experienced professional installing your hoop.
  • You can request installation online in just seconds.
  • You can be assured that the installation will not invalidate any warranties on your hoop.
  • Our installers will set your hoop up so that it’s right for you and how you play basketball.
  • You'll save the time it would take to read the instructions and set up the hoop on your own.
  • You'll get a durable hoop installation to handle heavy play.
  • You'll enjoy courteous and professional installation and home visits from our professionals.
  • You'll get to save on the frustration of trying to figure out how to install the hoop.
  • We can offer advice and suggestions for ensuring your hoop is in the right place, even if your indoor location is not ideal.

With Superior Play installation services, you can handle the play and bring your best game, and we'll make sure your hoop is set up right.

Quality Indoor Hoops From Superior Play Systems

At Superior Play Systems, we believe every family should have a shot at playing basketball, which is why we sell and install high-quality wall-mounted basketball hoops. Whether you lack ample space for an in-ground system or just prefer playing indoors, a wall-mounted basketball hoop can help make your home court dream a reality.

If you want to bring the court closer to home, we want to help. Choosing an indoor basketball goal for your family is a big decision. Since PROformance hoops are designed to last a lifetime, it's important to select the perfect model for you.

When you reach out to us at Superior Play Systems, we can answer your questions, help you choose a hoop that's right for your space and even install it for you. We strive to provide all our customers with a stress-free experience — after all, choosing play equipment should be fun and exciting for the whole family.

Browse our full selection of indoor basketball hoops online or visit your local Superior Play Systems store today to test out our PROformance basketball hoops before you buy and discover what makes us The Most Trusted Name in Play®.