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Wooden Playsets

Wooden Playsets

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Our Difference

Massive Solid beam Construction

100% Chemical-free Pacific Cedar solid beams throughout every play set. No gluing or multi layered timbers here! Simply the best Cedar Wood available!

Many companies use multi-layers of smaller timbers laminated or glued together, which are prone to warping, splinters, and structural damage after only a few short seasons. Playground One Playsets which are the only brand of equipment sold by Superior Play Systems do not!  We only sell Playground One Playsets due to their chemical-free Pacific Cedar which resists warping and cracking so your wood playset will last for years to come! These playsets are designed with safety first, and they are the only playsets that Superior Play Systems puts their name behind.  Cedar beams require little to no maintenance as they are naturally resistant to pest infestations, fungus, and decay.

Multi-beam joint connection

Safe, long lasting construction is the only way to build a playset! All joints on our playsets hold their structural integrity as a result of our inter-connected and corrosion resistant solid beams. Our hot dipped galvanized hardware ensures that all joints hold their structural integrity. This results in tight joints and enhanced stability for the life of your playset.



Quality Family Time

We Promise Safety & Peace Of Mind

Gotcha - Grips

Don’t worry we “Gotcha”! Keeping true to or safety values, each handle, handrail, Trapeze Bar & Ladder rung goes through our non-slip “Gotcha” process. Hot dipped galvanized steel rods are stamped with thousands of nonslip dimples & and are powder coated !

Snag Free Safety Hardware

Don't get caught! Hot dipped galvanized bolt fasteners eliminate sharp, protruding attachments. This can be a common problem for many playsets. Hands and exposed skin won't get scratched and clothing won't get caught.

Pinch Free Safety Swings

Hang on tight! By eliminating all sharp edges and pinch points, we also improve the safety and integrity of our swings. Our self-locking connectors fasten our rubber dipped oversized chains to the swing of your choice.

Double Wall Safety Slides

Scratch and splinter free slides result in a safe ride every time! Our slides require no wood reinforcement, are double walled, and are free of interior or exterior protruding bolts.


Wooden Playsets and Swing Sets

Swings and a slide are considered by many to be the quintessential playground equipment. Your own childhood may have involved hours of play on traditional wooden playsets and you may want to purchase a one for your kids so they can have the same amazing childhood experience. If you're looking for wood swing sets, however, you need to be aware that times and safety standards have changed. Today, parents, educators, and communities are aware that chemicals on playground equipment can expose children to hazardous toxins. In addition, parents are more aware of the risks of playground equipment and injuries than ever before.

Superior Play Systems is a company that understands the changing world we live in and strives to connect parents, educators, and people with the right playground equipment that meets their needs. We are the exclusive retailer of Playground One Wooden Playsets which are a high-quality set that is built with the best materials and has the best warranty in the industry. With more than 20 years of experience in the outdoor play industry, our goal all along has been to provide terrific wooden swing sets kids adore while also exceeding all safety standards so your family can make the best decision when buying outdoor play equipment.

Why Wooden Playsets?

With today’s options for playsets and swings, it’s surprising to some that wooden playsets and swings are still quite popular. There are a few reasons for this:

Wood is attractive:

Many parents and organizations prefer the look of solid wooden playsets. Making these items from natural materials such as wood blend in nicely with outdoor environments, such as trees and grass, and the natural shades and grain add a natural beauty to your swings and wooden playset. The material utilized in wooden swing sets also provides durability in a wide range of outdoor temperatures since solid Cedar is highly durable and resistant to the change of seasons. As long as the timber has a low moisture content, it will not rot and will look better when compared to plastic or metal playsets exposed to the same weather.

Wooden-based play equipment has an environmental benefit:

Building your playground equipment out of high-quality wood vs plastic or metal equipment is actually better for the environment.  Wood is a sustainable resource which is able to hold up better than other designs to the outdoors without the need for extensive chemicals or treatments.  When you make a playground from wood, it can be repurposed and reused.  Plastic and metal options are much less likely to be altered and when their life is over they become just another piece of toxic waste which goes into a landfill. Trees will always be the best option for working on a building a playset and they enable Superior Play to offer a more green alternative for discerning parents and organizations!

Wood can feel great:

Wood may stay cooler in the summer when compared with metal and is not as hard or unforgiving as plastic. It can feel more comfortable to play on and use all year long. Wooden swing sets are made to provide maximum satisfaction for both kids and parents alike.

Wooden sets are durable:

While plastic can warp and crack, wood can last a long time with proper care. Wood will not rust the way metal can, and it will support a child’s weight easily. Some wooden playground systems last for generations!

Maintenance is simple:

With a wooden playset, it’s a good idea to perform regular checks, just as you would with any playground equipment. If you notice any fraying or rough edges, you can always sand away any splinters or replace individual components, such as metal parts. With swings made from other materials, this may be more challenging, and you may need to replace the entire swing set or foundation.  Having Wood Swing sets and wood playsets really allows owners to maximize the fun and minimize the cost of upkeep.

These swings offer lots of options:

You can paint them and choose different shapes, sizes, and styles of swings. If you decide to change the look of your play area, it’s very easy to repaint or restrain your wood playset or choose a different stain to give them a new look. This is not something you can generally do with plastic or metal playsets. You can also use your swings as the basis of entire wooden playground sets or as stand-alone fun. Since wooden playsets and swing sets are so flexible, you can build it in stages, too. You can install a swing set first and gradually build a playground around it. Our swing sets are flexible enough that they will work with almost any play system, and Playground One has an ever-increasing lineup of favorites such as the Wooden Fort, and Wood equipment that is interchangeable!


What Makes Us Different?

Superior Play Systems is proud to sell Playground One Equipment and be the exclusive retailer of this high-quality brand. Playground One has one of the most comprehensive warranties among all companies in the industry. How does Playground One Equipment do it? They just leave out the small print. They are upfront about it, and stand by their equipment — they have nothing to hide. Most things that you encounter with playset maintenance and repair are covered, and there aren’t multiple provisions built in the purchase documents to invalidate the warranty. As a playset repair company and retailer, Superior Play is that confident in the product, and we think that having Playground One equipment in our stores is the best decision families looking for a wooden playset of any size and shape can make.

We also understand what it takes to design playground equipment that parents want. All Playground products are made with 100% chemical-free solid cedar which is the perfect material for playsets. There's no manufactured wood, chemical treatment or pine wood, which is soft enough to splinter. Yet, we have wooden sets for sale starting at just $999, so we have something for a wide range of price points.

Superior Play Systems sells only the best Playground One quality equipment at our in store locations and on our website. They are the ideal solution for you if you want to create a beautiful play area and a safe space for your kids to enjoy. Made with input from engineers, designers and testers, Playground One wooden playsets are made with the highest-quality materials and with the sturdiest construction, ensuring safety and durability. Our beautiful playsets sold at Superior Play Systems make a welcome addition to any yard.

In fact, Superior Play Systems only sells playsets that are made from 100 percent solid beam Pacific cedar, which naturally resists rotting and pests, ensuring you don’t have to coat it in toxic chemicals. The solid beam cedar construction prevents playsets from buckling and warping, ensuring years of safe play. Superior Play Systems also only sells sets which use multibeam joint connections, heavy-duty steel brackets and hot-dipped corrosion-resistant galvanized steel hardware to ensure your playset is as safe and stable as possible. Our focus on high-quality hardware ensures your wood play area stays strong over the years, no matter what the weather is like in your area.


Quality Means Hours of Creative Play

We understand pressure-treated pine can cause splinters and can contain toxins you may not want. It's why we use solid bolt and big beam construction on even our smallest swing sets. It ensures our swing set parts and accessories are sturdy, made to last and designed to go the distance. It's not unusual to see Playground One wooden playground equipment swing sets around for years — used by generations of children.

If you're looking for real quality, commitment to customer service and safe swings that will let your kids be kids while also giving you peace of mind, check out the wooden swing sets for sale at Superior Play Systems. There's a reason why more families trust us for all kinds of equipment from wooden playsets, swings and slides for their children, communities, daycares and homes.


Benefits of Wood Based Playsets

There are many benefits when it comes to playsets made of solid wood:

  • Responsibly harvested wood can be a more environmentally friendly option than plastics, which are petroleum products.
  • Superior Play Systems sells only wooden playsets made of Pacific cedar, ensuring you know where your playset materials come from. This can help assuage some of the concerns about working conditions for those who made your playset and some of the concerns about the safety of materials.
  • Our solid cedar construction may be able to withstand the elements better than plastic since plastic can warp and crack, which can be dangerous in a playset.
  • Wood materials gets less overheated than metal, meaning less ouch.


Benefits of Wood Swing Sets

If you’re considering swings, there are a few reasons to consider Playground One swing sets made from high-quality materials that are sold at Superior Play Systems:

  • Wooden swing sets are naturally beautiful. They are a classic choice for swings and look terrific with any play area. Whether you have a modern, urban space or a classic garden, this equipment will look great as a stand-alone or as part of a bigger play area.
  • Wood swing sets are sturdy and safe. Each Superior Play Systems location only offers playsets and wooden swing sets that are made from 100 percent solid-beam construction Pacific cedar. This is one of the sturdiest wood options, naturally resistant to weather, pests and rot, ensuring years of swing fun with less worry about safety. This swing set option won’t warp, buckle or loosen.

Wood is, in fact, the perfect material for construction when it comes to playsets. Unlike engineered wood or wood that consists of thin layers glued together, our solid beam playsets last in all kinds of climates. Cold won’t cause these to crack, and wind and rain won’t warp or budge them. Unlike metal, you don’t have to worry about wood becoming excessively hot to the touch in the sun, and in the winter, children can’t get their tongues stuck to the wood, which can happen with metal play areas.


Safety First

Superior Play Systems is serious about child safety. It’s why all our wooden playsets sold at our dealer locations are designed by engineers and professionals and are tested in strict conditions for your absolute safety. In addition, our playsets have already withstood years of play and have stood the test of time. Since we maintain control over our production process, we can ensure each piece sold from Superior Play meets our exacting safety standards.

Unlike many plastic and metal playsets, our solid beam cedar play equipment is naturally pest- and weather-resistant, meaning we don’t have to treat it or coat it in toxic chemicals, a common concern when it comes to metal and plastic play equipment. Each swing set and play area we make is also carefully checked to ensure it does not splinter.

If you’re ready for beautiful, classic wooden playsets and swing sets with a modern attention to safety standards, visit a Superior Play Systems indoor play location to see these sets in person or browse our play solutions. Superior Play Systems is your No. 1 source for wooden playsets and wood swing sets, and we also offer hoops, trampolines and other play equipment, too. Contact us today and let Superior Play Systems be your partner in fun, creative and safe playtime.