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Short on space but not on kids?  All the safety, fun, and quality you've come to expect from Playground One, including 100% chemical free Cedar, in a compact footprint. The perfect playset set for your small backyards!

Big Opportunities for Fun in Smaller Spaces

If you have a limited amount of space, you can still offer big fun with a compact swing set or playset. Consider these tips for more limited spaces:

1) Think Vertical

If you don’t have a wide or long space, you can often enjoy more space by creating some height. For example, small swing sets can be part of a complete play system which includes a deck above the swings, a slide, climbers and an area under the slide and deck. The playground won’t sprawl, but it will still let a number of kids play and try out different activities.

2) Know Exactly How Much Space You Do Have

Start measuring and see how much area you have to work with. Consider whether you can create more space by reducing a deck area or walkways. Double-check measurements to ensure you understand how much space is available.

3) Consider Open-Ended and Creative Playground Equipment

Classic playground equipment such as slides or a compact wooden swing set can be used in lots of ways to fuel the imagination and provide hours of fun. A swing set for a small yard alone can offer a place for swinging, reading or sitting. Kids can pretend they are aiming for the stars or flying. This type of equipment may fuel interest for longer when compared to playground equipment that can only be used in a limited way. 

4) Work With Professionals Who Understand Small Yards

Superior Play Systems offers a number of small swing sets for small yards and solutions for smaller spaces. Superior Play Systems also allows you to work with a professional with no obligation and no cost to come up with an assessment to address your needs.

Our professional technicians can show you exactly how much playground equipment you can fit into your small space and can offer some innovative solutions for limited areas. They can also help you find the right swing sets for small yards.

Our team has worked with thousands of families, schools, businesses and communities for close to two decades. We have helped build stunning play areas in very limited spaces, so you can rely on us to help you make the most of the space you do have without cutting corners. Contact a rep today at 1-800-875-7946, or stop in at one of our stores close to you, to start talking about your dream play area. Sometimes, great things really do come in small sizes!