Vuly Trampoline Tent

Perfect for a bouncy cubby or backyard camping, Thunder's Trampoline Tent is a source of endless fun.
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Rain Resistant Tent Roof: The tent roof can handle the tough conditions created by high winds, rain and of course the kids.

Stay Cool: Superior Airflow: Our tent's panoramic windows provide the best airflow of any trampoline tent on the market. Slip it on for shade and sun protection in summer, or a warmer bounce in winter.

A Bouncy Cubby Sleepover: Simply lay out a sleeping bag and pillows and you have a fun, comfortable backyard cubby house. Sleepovers are now easier: just add some Christmas lights for a touch of magic.

Simple Drawstring Windows: Your kids can easily open and close the Trampoline Tent's drawstring windows as the weather gets warmer or cooler. That means no more bugging Mum or Dad for help!

Detachable Walls: If you'd like some extra shade while bouncing or playing on your trampoline, you can attach the tent roof without the walls. Add the walls as you need, with easy assembly.

How a Vuly Trampoline Tent Fuels Childhood Development and Imagination

The Vuly trampoline is designed for innovative play and childhood development. With a unique and innovative design, it can be used in several ways:

    For shadow-puppets:

    After dark, kids can light up the inside of the tent and use the tent walls to make shadow puppets or to mime scenes from stories. This sort of open-ended play encourages the imagination and lets kids have lots of fun.

    For social development:

    Vuly trampoline tents encourage kids to play together. For jumping fun or sleepovers, it is an ideal attraction for neighborhood kids to socialize.

    For water fun:

    Vuly trampoline tents make ideal places for water fun. Just let kids bounce around while also using water guns or a hose for plenty of laughs.

    For nature sensory fun:

    The trampoline tent has panoramic windows, giving kids a 360-degree view of the world outside. In a secure and supervised setting, kids can spend hours outside without you having to worry they will wander off, encounter poison ivy or get into trouble. The roof offers all day sun protection, too.

    For exercise and physical development:

    Unlike a traditional tent, the trampoline tent gives kids a place to jump, bounce and tumble. Children can work on strength and balance as they exercise. They can use the trampoline to race each other, play tag or bounce. They can even throw balloons or balls around inside the tent, jumping as they play catch. The walls of the tent keep the balloons or balls from flying out.

    For imaginary play:

    The Vuly trampoline tent can become a castle, ship, tree house or just about anything else your children can dream up. It is an open-ended play area, meaning your children get to hone their own imagination. Hang lights inside the tent to transform it into anything your kids like, night and day.

    For picnics:

    The tent is the perfect place for a picnic or snack since flies and pests can’t get in. It’s like having a screened-in porch with a little extra bounce!

Just buying a regular tent for your trampoline will not work, but the Vuly trampoline tent combines the best of both worlds seamlessly. Designed to be fun, safe and to encourage free play, it’s a great solution for anyone with a yard. Find out how low your Vuly trampoline tent price could be with Superior Play, and get ready for years of fun!

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