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If you’re looking for a quality, durable and safe trampoline, look to Vuly, one of the leaders when it comes to trampolines. The Vuly 14-foot trampoline is made from heavy-duty materials and has a secure enclosure to prevent falls from the bounce surface.

A new take on a family favorite, Vuly2 is the classic backyard trampoline redesigned. We've taken all the incredible features you love, and made them even better. With a high quality frame, which is an essential part of Vuly2's bounce, the two ring click-together frame means double the strength, a Safety Net that won't let you get hurt by the net poles, or fall down towards the frame. The Vuly 2 is the trampoline that let’s your families’ imagination soar as they bounce into a world of their own.

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Vuly 2 Classic 14 ft

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Vuly 2 Classic 14 ft

Features of the Vuly 14ft Trampoline

The enclosure net attached to the 14 ft trampoline frame prevents users from falling to the ground. Instead, they'll bounce off water- and UV-resistant polyethylene that offers plenty of give to ensure a soft impact. The enclosure net is tested for 500 hours — more than the competition — for your safety and peace of mind. Also, the enclosure is 40 cm higher than many competing trampolines, which ensures balls and other accessories can’t escape and allows kids to bounce as high as they like in safety. Even taller players can bounce safely with this higher enclosure.

The ultra trampoline from Vuly has not only the sturdy 14-foot trampoline frame but also a self-closing entry to ensure a moment of inattention won’t cause an injury. With the self-closing entrance, your kids can focus on having fun and not on the door.

The trampoline's no-gap netting is made from durable material and prevents the springs from pinching your fingers and toes. You can throw just about anything at this enclosure, and the 3mm weave holds true. Since the net attached directly to the jump mat, it protects users from crashing against the frame and helps to prevent injury. The design of the trampoline prevents users from touching coils or the frame. By confining contact to the enclosure or mat, the trampoline is safer, even for younger children.

This Vuly trampoline has springs that are fully outside the enclosure, so curious kids can’t get their fingers caught in the mechanism. The external springs and the trampoline design also ensure kids fall onto the mat and net only. They can’t come into contact with the police, frame or coils, all of which put them at risk of injury. This design simply keeps users safer, even in vigorous play. When everyone is having a blast bouncing or playing a game, they don’t have to keep safety in mind, because the designers have already done that for you. This trampoline makes for soft landings and high bounces, bringing fun without scrimping on safety.

Quality details are really what makes the difference with this Vuly trampoline. If you look closely, you’ll notice the netting and poles arch in opposite directions. This prevents jumpers from coming in contact with the poles and keeps children safer from impact injury. The self-closing entry has no zips or Velcro, which can be a pain to use. Two layers of springs outside the enclosure let users jump higher and bounce better.

There’s also the details you can’t see. The rust-resistant and weather-safe build, for example, keep your trampoline strong and attractive year after year. The heat-treated tubing is twice zinc galvanized inside and out for durability and safety. You also don’t see the 40,000 test bounces the trampoline undergoes on the test machine of the t-joiner steel that’s 50% thicker than the competition’s product, but you can experience it in the safety of every bounce.

Benefits of the Vuly 2 Trampoline

With Superior Play and the Vuly 14ft trampoline, kids enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Hours of outdoor fun. A trampoline allows families to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.
  • A fun way to get exercise and fitness into the day. This classic trampoline with modern features lets kids enjoy hours of an activity that is great for coordination, strength-building, balance and cardiovascular activity.
  • An inclusive activity. The 14ft trampoline allows virtually everyone to play, regardless of age or skill level.
  • A great way to build many skills. Since the Vuly 2 can be used alone or in groups, it can be a good way to build social skills or to build confidence alone. It helps kids with physical development and even emotional development.



America's Safest Trampoline Enclosure - A clever trampoline enclosure ensures your kids won't come into contact with the trampoline's springs or frames, which eliminates the risk of any major injury.

Strong and Sturdy Frame - Vuly's patented frame Square Joins are the key to Vuly's superior bounce. You can be confident the poles on your Vuly Trampoline won't warp or break.

Reversible Safety Pads - Vuly's trampoline pads are reversible, allowing you to flip them over to when you get bored of one color. Vuly's pads are water and UV resistant, lasting twice as long as other brands.

Years of Fun for Kids - The best part of a Vuly Trampoline is all the games you can play on it. Solo bouncers and team players alike will have fun using the Vuly HexVex™ game mat and inventing their own games.

Half Price Parts for Life - Our products are made from high quality materials to ensure the longevity of your Vuly Trampoline. But we also offer half price parts for the life of your trampoline, just in case you need them.

Manufacturer Vuly
Special Price $799
Trampoline Shape Round
Trampoline Size 14 ft
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