Rectangle Trampolines

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Why Buy a Rectangle Trampoline?

When you’re considering trampolines, you have many choices in terms of colors, styles, sizes, brand names and more. One of the biggest choices you will need to make early on, though, is the shape. You can choose between round, oval, rectangular and other shapes, but there are a few reasons why you might want to consider rectangle trampolines for sale.

Benefits of a Rectangle Trampoline

A rectangular trampoline offers several advantages such as these:

  • Provide a higher bounce. When you jump on a rectangular trampoline, the springs that engage depend on where you are standing. Not all springs are used when you jump, and this can mean less stress on the trampoline and higher bounces.
  • Offer a larger surface area. If you want more room to move, rectangular shapes should be your focus.
  • Allow multiple jumpers to have a great experience. Rectangular trampolines allow everyone to rebound equally because not all springs engage at once. The longer surface can also offer more room for multiple users.
  • Can bear more weight. If you are concerned about safety for larger jumpers, rectangular trampolines can usually handle more weight because less stress is placed on all of the springs at any one time. If you have anyone aside from young kids who will be using your trampoline, consider rectangular shapes.
  • Make an ideal choice for limited space. Rectangular models can be more easily fitted into a corner of a yard or in a narrow space because you don’t have to fit a large, round surface.
  • Are the choice for pros. When you peek into a trampolining competition or into a pro gym, you tend to see rectangular trampolines. These are the options of choice for pro athletes, gymnasts and anyone who is doing training. If you want to train or you have older kids who are into sports, a rectangular trampoline may offer the higher gym-grade performance you want.

Not all Rectangular Trampolines Are Made Equal

When shopping for trampolines, consider that quality and safety are more important than simply shape. While rectangular trampolines offer greater space, more bounce and more supports when compared with round models, not all are built equal. When buying, look for quality products. You will want to look for:

  • The durability of materials. Look for quality steel components, hardware that is treated to be rust-proof and thick, double-stitched fabric. Pay special attention to springs. They should be made from quality steel and offer a good stretch.
  • Warranties. Compare warranties and find a company that stands behind their products.
  • Trusted name brands. Look for name brands known for quality trampolines.
  • Optional accessories. If you have athletes or kids in the house or just want to get the most out of your investment, consider what accessories might go with your rectangular trampoline before you purchase it.

If you’re ready to bring a rectangular trampoline into your fitness or play routine, Superior Play Systems has a range of options at different budgets. All of our trampolines are quality products with a focus on safety. You can easily order online with us or visit one of our locations to see before you buy.