Our massive indoor showrooms, filled with play sets, trampolines and basketball hoops are the perfect venues for Birthday Parties and any other memorable events that your family is celebrating.

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Celebrating milestones like birthdays and big accomplishments is a great way to show kids how proud you are of them. A fun party can put a smile on anyone's face. If you're planning a birthday party or special event for your family, why not let them celebrate by playing the day away?

At Superior Play Systems, you can throw a kid's birthday party everyone will love. When you book the birthday party room at your local showroom, your kids will get to play on a huge indoor playground with pieces of play equipment for kids of all ages, including trampolines, swing sets and more. Both exciting and convenient, our birthday party rooms provide everything you need to create a memorable experience. Read on to learn more about our indoor playground party places.

Why choose to party with us?

  • Minimize the inconvenience of hosting at your home
  • Never worry about the weather
  • Unique and Different
  • Memorable experience
  • Something for everyone

What's Included?

  • Access to our entire showroom filled with Play Sets, Trampolines and Basketball Hoops
  • A private party room with full-size refrigerator
  • Tables and chairs to accommodate up to 16 kids
  • Plastic forks and spoons, cups, plates and napkins
  • A safe, fun environment

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Party on at Our Huge Indoor Playground!

Party on at Our Huge Indoor Playground!

There are lots of kid's party places, but one of the best spots to host birthday parties or any other children’s celebration is with Superior Play Systems. While we're known for offering quality playground equipment, our open play area and our birthday party room make perfect venues for birthdays, all-A report cards, big wins and just about anything else your children are celebrating.

At Superior Play Systems, our expansive product showrooms double as indoor playgrounds that are perfect for hosting a playground birthday party. In these playgrounds, you can find standard outdoor play equipment, such as swings, slides and climbers, as well as basketball hoops and trampolines, which aren't always available at community playgrounds. Our play equipment is safe and innovative, giving kids unique play opportunities.

When you host a celebration at our indoor playground party places, you can let the kids have free range of the playground while you set up table decorations, prepare party favors or get ready to serve cake and ice cream in the party room. It's a perfect playground party solution!

Our indoor playgrounds are ideal for any children's party, but especially ones during winter or times of the year when the weather is too unpredictable for an outdoor playground party.

The Best Place for an Indoor Playground Party

If you've decided to hold an indoor playground birthday party, the next step is choosing the venue. The party room at Superior Play Systems is one of the best indoor playground party places your family can choose. After all, who knows children's fun better than the people who dedicated decades to researching children's play and creativity?

At Superior Play Systems, we have the advantage of years of experience and knowledge in the play industry. Our showrooms are filled with the newest playground equipment from top manufacturers, which means our parties are both safe and exciting for kids, who may be trying new pieces of equipment for the first time. We have plenty of different activities to appeal to kids with different interests, as well, so our party places can accommodate a wide range of guests.

The Superior Play Systems indoor playground and birthday party room offer plenty of advantages for all your kid parties:

  • Safe equipment: Our play equipment features the highest quality construction for safe play. With springless trampolines, safety swing chains and other safe playground elements, your party can go off without incident, keeping kids and their parents happy.
  • Easy to organize: Compared to parties thrown at home, parties at our indoor playground party places allow you to focus on enjoying time with your children rather than planning the details. When you throw a party at Superior Play Systems, the entertainment is all set up for you.
  • Lots to experience: Birthday parties at our indoor playgrounds never leave kids feeling disappointed. There's lots of play equipment to try out and experience, which helps keep boredom to a minimum.

If you're ready to plan your child's next party with Superior Play Systems, reach out to us today. We'll work to make sure your youngsters have a super fun time!