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Our Springfree 13 ft Jumbo Round Trampoline and Safety Enclosure is designed for jumpers of all ages.
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SKU: SKU-619-613

Springfree 13' Jumbo Round

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Springfree 13' Jumbo Round Trampoline

Our Springfree 13 ft Jumbo Round Trampoline and Safety Enclosure is designed for jumpers of all ages.

This large trampoline is perfect for high-energy rebounders and for those looking for larger bounce surfaces. This 13' round Springfree trampoline delivers big fun and terrific value, thanks to its many features, such as:

  • More space. With no springs, this trampoline is all bounce surface, so you can use every inch of space for fun and exercise. You get more space, even though the 13ft round frame can fit easily into smaller yards.
  • This special buy comes with TGOMA making your trampoline a smart trampoline. Springfree has a tgoma accessory that lets you turn your bouncing fun into a more thrilling and competitive experience. With this accessory, you can practice languages or try learning math and other skills as you bounce. Compete, get fit and train your brain at the same time!
  • The great Springfree warranty. Springfree trampolines come with a top-tier, 10-year warranty covering everything from the mat to the net to the frame. It ensures you can have years of fun without having to worry.
  • Safety. Springfree takes safety seriously and has a high safety rating. Your 13ft round Springfree trampoline meets or exceeds all relevant safety guidelines and also has some details which ensure fewer injuries and risks. For example, the setup prevents tipping and the quality materials resist tearing. No springs in the construction mean no chance of direct contact with springs, no pinching and no gaps between springs where small feet and hands can get caught up. A net around the trampoline reduces the risk of falls.
  • Quality materials. Sturdy foam padding, a durable frame and a thick net make the Springfree trampoline a smart investment and safe. Quality materials ensure the trampoline looks great for years while quality construction ensures it stays in place without buckling, warping or tearing.
  • Exercise potential. The Springfree trampoline is a great way to exercise while having fun. It's gentle on joints, but this large trampoline still delivers a full-body workout. However, since it’s fun, kids and adults alike forget they’re exercising as they bounce. If you’ve been looking for a way to get your family more active and fit, the Springfree trampoline may be it!

Enjoy Exceptional Safety With a Spring-Free Design

Have you been looking for a jumbo trampoline for sale but want to keep your little one as safe as possible? Springfree trampolines can ease your worries about purchasing a trampoline for your child. Here are some of the many ways both kids and adults stay safer when you choose a Springfree trampoline:

  • Spring-free trampoline: A lack of visible springs means more freedom. Your family can jump around the entire 13' mat without worrying about catching toes or fingers in the spaces left by springs.
  • Safety enclosure: While few traditional trampolines come with netting, Springfree large round trampolines feature a flexible safety enclosure that surrounds the entire mat.
  • Superior design: The durable quality of your Springfree trampoline means you can enjoy safe, fun jumping experiences for years without worrying about rips, tears or loose parts.

Keeping Kids Safe on Your Large Trampoline

At Superior Play Systems, we dedicate ourselves to helping parents give their kids a safe place to have fun and stay active. Springfree trampolines are some of the safest trampolines on the market, but you can always take steps to make your child's experience an exceptional one, including the following tips that will help your kids enjoy their new jumbo trampoline safely:

  • Consider your trampoline's placement: Keep your trampoline on a soft, flat surface like grass, away from cement and other hard areas. Place it in an open space away from trees.
  • One child at a time: Allow only one person on the trampoline at a time to decrease the risk of an accident.
  • Maintain adult supervision: Watch your child while they're on their trampoline, and talk to them about any dangerous behaviors.
  • Check its condition: Maintain your trampoline by putting it away in the cold winter months and regularly checking its condition. Make sure netting, frames and screws are all secure and tightly connected. Springfree trampolines are designed to last for years without wear, as long as they're properly cared for.

Are You Looking for Jumbo Trampolines For Sale?

If you’re interested in this Springfree large round trampoline, contact Superior Play Systems — a leader in innovative and safe play equipment. Whether you have questions or need help finding the right trampoline for you, we’re here to help.

For more than 20 years, we've been at the forefront of the play system distribution industry, which means we know what it takes to keep your little ones happy and safe. Each of the products we offer — including Springfree's large round trampoline — is held to the highest standards of safety, quality and reliability. We'll be happy to help you pick out the right product for your child, so contact us today for more information about our top-quality Springfree large round trampoline.

* Diameter: 13 ft round * Jumper weight rating: 250 lbs * Surface area of mat 132 sq ft * Frame: Heavy gauge steel * Entrance: Robust, double-sided zipper

Manufacturer Springfree
Special Price $2,199
Trampoline Shape Round
Trampoline Size 13 ft
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