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Safety Features

Tire Chain Connector Cones

Industrial Tire Swing Hanger

Hot Dipped Galvanized Hardware

Full Size Softer, Splinter Free & UV Protected Ropes

360° Trapeze Rings

Recessed Hardware

Gotcha - Grips

Pinch Free Safety Swings

Snag Free Safety Hardware

Double Wall Safety Slides

Making Safety Part of Fun

Every playground company promises to offer safe playground equipment, but how do they really deliver? With playground injuries a common concern of parents, we have made it our goal to create high-quality playground equipment that makes adults, and children, feel safe. 

At Playground One!®, we’re all about fun, but we’re also really serious about safety. Our safe swing sets, slides and other playground equipment don’t just have the appearance of top design and safe construction. We build safety right into the design of our equipment and we test extensively to make sure it is as safe as possible.

Here are key reasons why our playground equipment is safe:

1) Our materials.

All of our playsets are made from 100% solid beam Pacific Cedar. Why did we choose cedar? It naturally resists fungus, pests and other issues that could affect the stability of your playsets. That means we can skip the toxic chemical coatings while ensuring our solid beam equipment stays sturdy for longer. Since we use solid beams, you don't need to worry about buckling, warping and the other problems inherent to using engineered wood glued together from several pieces.

2) Our construction.

The way we put our high-quality playground equipment together is also different. We use multi-beam joint connections for the ultimate in stability and our hardware is corrosion-resistant hot-dipped galvanized steel — the ultimate in strength and durability. From the East to West Coast, in every climate across the United States, our playground equipment still stands up beautifully to the weather, season after season — ensuring years of safe and fun play. 

3) Our “less ouch” features.

We include a number of great features on our equipment to help prevent injuries:

  • No pinch swings. We use self-locking industrial connectors and large rubber dipped chains to prevent pinching when your kids are swinging. We’re committed to being a safe swing set company, and that means eliminating even the small injuries which can occur from sharp edge points and pinching on swings. The rubber dipped oversized chains also are a little less hot to the touch on sunny days when compared with steel or other metals.
  • Good grips (Gotcha Grips). Each ladder rung, handgrip, handrail, and trapeze bar on our playground equipment has been through our special “gotcha” process to reduce slipping. Each of our Hot Dipped Galvanized steel rods are sturdy enough on their own, but then they are dimpled and powder coated, so even the smallest of hands won’t slip. 
  • Reinforced slides. Our double wall slides require no exterior reinforcements, which mean no bolts which can cause cuts and no wood to cause splinters. The result is a smooth slide with less risk of injuries.

At Playground One, we don't just want to be any safe playground equipment company -- we want to be the company that keeps your kids safe while giving them the best childhood experiences possible. When you choose our equipment, you can be sure that each swing, playset and other piece of equipment has behind it a team of engineers and experts working overtime to create the best safety features for your child. Browse our playsets today and learn more about how we keep your kids safe while letting them be kids.

Our Safety Tips

When choosing a location for your swing set, always keep your child or children’s safety in mind. Here are some recommendations to help you locate and install a safe play area.

  • Playground One play sets are designed for the use of 4 occupants who have a combined weight not exceeding 800 pounds on the elevated floor, 3 occupants who have a combined weight of 525 pounds on the swing area, for a total Unit capacity of 5 occupants who have a combined weight of 1325. (this weight is not including the picnic table area) 
  • On-site adult supervision is required.
  • The swing set should be located on level ground. The stationary components such as ladders and slides are required to be a minimum of six feet from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, tree, overhanging branches, electrical wires, clotheslines, etc. Any Swinging equipment is also required to be a minimum distance twice the height of the swing beam away from these obstructions or structures as well. The swing set should be located a safe distance from any water hazards, such as a lake, river, bayou, swimming pool, etc.
  • Do not install this residential swing set in a commercial setting. This swing set is not manufactured for commercial usage and will void all warranties. Playground One Systems is not responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from this swing set being used in a commercial setting. 
  • Never install this swing set indoors; or over concrete, asphalt, packed earth, grass, carpet or any other hard surface. A fall onto a hard surface can result in serious or fatal injury. 
  • The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that you install and maintain a resilient surface under your swing set. The CPSC’s Consumer Information Sheet for Playground Surfacing Materials is on the next page. A resilient surface should be installed after the swing set has been completely assembled according to these instructions. The swing set must rest on solid ground. Please note that this swing set has a maximum fall height of 7’.

Maintaining your swing set:

  • At the beginning of each usage season and every two weeks during, check: nuts and bolts and tighten as needed, swing seats, chains, ladders, slides, rope and wood components for sign of deterioration and replace if necessary. 
  • On a yearly basis, we recommend that you coat your swing set with a sealant or preservative. You may also want to spot sand any areas prior to sealing. **Special note: Although we recommend that you reseal your swing set annually, you may have to touch up the high traffic areas and/or areas that have a high exposure to direct sunlight.** Be sure that the sealant you select is non-toxic and child safe. Your local Playground One Systems dealer may offer a complete power wash and reseal and maintenance program.
  • Do not use line trimmers or “weed eaters” around your swing set.The line will remove both paint and wood on uprights and base pieces. Any damage resulting by this type of abuse is not covered under our limited warranty.
  • Remove plastic swing seats and take in doors or do not use when temperature drops below 0°F.

Teach Children:

  • Not to walk close to, in front of, behind, or between moving items. 
  • Not to swing empty swing seats. 
  • Not to swing sideways into the path of adjacent swings. 
  • Not to use the swing set in a manner other than that for which it is intended. 
  • Not to get off the equipment while it is in motion. 
  • Not to jump off the tower. 
  • To hold on to swings and climbers with both hands. 
  • Not to stand in the swing seats. 
  • Not to swing so high that chains become slack, or above the height of the swing support. 
  • Not to jump on a slide. 
  • Not to climb on top of the swing support. 
  • Not to attach to the swing set any item that is not specifically designed for use with the equipment, such as (but not limited to) jump ropes, clotheslines, pet leashes, cables, and chains. These may become strangulation hazards. 
  • To slide feet first, never head first. 
  • To watch for other children while swinging or playing near the swing set.

In Addition, Adults Must:

  • Limit climbing and swinging heights to each child’s ability. 
  • Verify that suspended climbing ropes are secured at both ends. 
  • Verify that suspended climbing ropes cannot be looped back on themselves. 
  • Dress children appropriately for play. Use well-fitted shoes that do not have slippery soles. 
  • Avoid ponchos, scarves, hoods, loose fitting clothing, neckties, and any clothing with a drawstring. Serious injury could result should any part of the children’s clothing become entangled in the swing set. 
  • Do not allow children to play wearing helmets. 
  • Remember that children are inventive. When they develop games that are unsafe, are alert and change the rules.