Lifetime Pro Elite Portable

The Lifetime® Pro Elite Shatter Guard portable basketball system features a large, 52-in backboard and a Slam-It Elite™ professional-styled rim with a solid steel ring supported by 1/2 braces and double compression springs for spring-back action. The 3.5-in round pole is set-up with a Power Lift® system for effortless height adjustments from 7.5 to 10 ft. To adjust it, simply squeeze the handle.

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Lifetime Pro Elite Portable

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The Lifetime® Pro Elite Shatter Guard

The Lifetime® Pro Elite Shatter Guard portable basketball system features a large, 52-in backboard and a Slam-It Elite™ professional-styled rim with a solid steel ring supported by 1/2 braces and double compression springs for spring-back action. The 3.5-in round pole is set-up with a Power Lift® system for effortless height adjustments from 7.5 to 10 ft. To adjust it, simply squeeze the handle.

Superior Play basketball hoop options run the gamut from wall-mount basketball hoops to indoor basketball hoop systems to in-ground and even professional-grade systems. The Lifetime® Pro Elite Shatter Guard portable basketball goal is a great addition to the options we offer.


Since 1986, Lifetime® has been making residential, innovative basketball hoops that have caught the imaginations of athletes and families. In fact, they are the innovators of the portable basketball system. Superior Play Systems® offers this Lifetime® basketball hoop as a wonderful, flexible solution which gives you more ways to play and run drills.

The Power of Basketball, Made Portable

The Lifetime® portable basketball hoop comes with many advantages:


  • Portability. The innovative base can be rolled to any location you wish. Then, simply fill it with water or sand for added stability. The portability of the system means you can take your basketball game with you when you move, but it also allows you to choose the best spot for your game each day. Want to try playing in the yard, on the driveway or somewhere else? The wheels at the bottom of the base make it easy to try different positions and even to choose the right spot for a specific day. Get away from the glaring sun or just change the view each time you play!
  • Flexibility. You can use your Lifetime® portable basketball hoop system for drills, play, solo games and more. No matter where you are and what kind of terrain you have, a Lifetime® portable basketball hoop may work for you. Can’t install an in-ground system because of your ground cover and have no place to hang a wall-mount system? Lifetime® portable basketball hoops may be the solution you need, and at an affordable price point.
  • A shatter-resistant backboard. Made from acrylic to reduce all risk of glass shattering, this high-performance backboard provides great rebound for the ball as well as safety and stability. A solid rim offers added protection, and the UV treated graphics will not peel or fade in the sun. Lifetime basketball hoops come with Impact backboards made from UV-protected high-density polyethylene plastic. These polycarbonate backboards are shatterproof, meaning they can take a beating without breaking into shards. Designed for high-octane play, they let the game go on without wobbling, buckling, warping or breaking, and they stand up to the elements too.
  • A Slam-It Elite™ professional-styled rim. This rim bounces back beautifully and is highly resistant and sturdy, allowing you to slam dunk without worry. In fact, this system can handle aggressive play while staying stable and secure.
  • Easy adjustments. The Power Lift® system allows you to adjust the height of the hoop in increments from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. Make your drills increasingly more complicated or allow more people of every age and level to play by customizing the experience! The Power Lift® system takes just seconds to adjust your basketball hoop and is easy enough for virtually anyone to use, making this basketball hoop very inclusive. If a new player wants to join your game and you need to make an adjustment, you can do so on the fly and get back to scoring points. The system is well back from the pole, allowing you plenty of space under the basket.
  • A powder-coated steel round pole for added stability and performance. This pole absorbs the impact of play and is weather-resistant so your entire system lasts longer.
  • Easy transport. This basketball hoop comes with everything in one box, so you don’t need a trailer to get it home. It comes with everything you need, other than a few basic tools, so you can start playing basketball fast, thanks to the clear instructions and easy setup.


Why Choose a Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop?

A Lifetime basketball goal is a smart investment in your game. Since being created in the 1980s by a basketball-passionate dad who wanted to build a better hoop for his kids, the Lifetime basketball goal brand has become one of the most trusted names in basketball play. Known for safety and innovation, Lifetime combines fun with quality for the ultimate basketball experience.

A Lifetime portable basketball system will allow you to enjoy a complete movable system, which offers several advantages:

  • Your Lifetime basketball hoop will go where you go: Are you moving? Do you want to try a different surface? With traditional mounted hoops, you’re stuck, but with Lifetime portable products, you’ll just have to move your hoop to its new location to keep playing. You’ll never need to worry about losing out on your investment because you’re moving house either.
  • No cement installation is required: You won’t need to rip up your yard to install these hoops. They’re perfect whether you’re renting or landscaping and don’t want to dig or worry about local “call before you dig” regulations. You also won’t need to delay your first game until after the cement dries!
  • Your hoop will adjust to your play: Is the sun in your eyes? Are you distracted by noise next door? Do you want to play poolside? No matter what your needs are, they’ll change as your skills grow and as the seasons and even time of day change. With a mounted system, you’d have to adjust or play through annoyances. With a portable hoop system from Lifetime, you can easily move your hoop and keep playing.
  • Your Lifetime portable basketball hoop will be sturdy: The roller base system will allow you to easily move the hoop as needed. The heavy-duty polyethylene roller base is filled with water or sand for superior stability. Whether you’re completing a slam dunk or playing a fast-paced game, this hoop will offer excellent performance and durability.
  • Your portable hoop will be built to last: With UV fade-proof graphics and heavy-duty materials, your hoop will stand up to the elements and be designed to last for years. When the season is over, you can also bring your hoop indoors for storage to protect it from the harshest weather. Either way, your system will be flexible enough to meet your needs and stand up to whatever you throw at it.
  • Your Lifetime hoop will let you play right away: With an installed system, you may need to get a professional installer over, which will add to the cost of your system. You may also need to wait until the system is all set up. Not so with a portable Lifetime hoop, which will arrive ready to go. Set it up quickly yourself and get playing!


If you need a residential basketball system for your budding athletes or for your own fitness, the Lifetime® Pro Elite Shatter Guard portable basketball goal is a solid choice. Quality materials, great flexibility, wonderful performance and years of durability make this attractive basketball system the ideal addition to many homes. Contact Superior Play Systems® today to order.


Clear steel-framed shatterproof backboard Backboard dimensions: 52″ wide x 33″ high x 1″ deep 3.5″ round pole – 3 piece Blow-molded frame pad Power Lift® technology Straight round extension arms XL heavy-duty portable base Slam-It™ rim 6-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


2 reviews for Lifetime Pro Elite Portable

  1. Guest Review

    Just got it put together now that the weather has cooperated. The kids are having a great time with this. It was well worth the money.

  2. Guest Review

    The basketball hoop is functional and attractive, but time-consuming to assemble and sort of heavy to handle. The finished product is attractive and sturdy, and my son likes it.

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