Heavy Duty Flex Rim

HD Flex is our “standard” rim and most commonly chosen by our
residential customers. This breakaway style rim has dual springs
and deflects 15 degrees with 30 lbs. of down pressure. Equipped with
continuous netlocks, the Heavy Duty Flex rim is more than sufficient for
most residential play.

*Shipping available in the continental US

Heavy Duty Flex Rim

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Heavy Duty Flex Rim

Though many basketball hoop rims are built to withstand plenty of use, sometimes things happen. You might need a replacement basketball rim if the existing rim has become broken or damaged or gotten lost in transit — such as when you were moving disassembled pieces to a new home. In addition, you might look at replacement rims when you’re upgrading your family’s current basketball setup for higher performance and safety.

Whatever your reason for shopping, you want to find a replacement basketball rim that’s safe and durable so that you and your kids can enjoy uninterrupted matches. Get your family back in the game with this high-performance replacement rim from Superior Play Systems®.

A Replacement Designed for Active Play

The Heavy Duty Flex Rim, or HD Flex, is our “standard” rim and the most common replacement chosen by our residential customers. This breakaway style option has dual springs and deflects 15 degrees with 30 lbs. of down pressure. Equipped with continuous netlocks, the Heavy Duty Flex Rim is more than sufficient for most residential play.

The dual-spring breakaway rim snaps right back into position under pressure. This quality helps ensure that the replacement rim resists bending and breaking and prevents player injuries. With this replacement rim, you and your family can practice slam dunking all you like without concern for your equipment’s stability or safety.

The “hideaway” continuous netlocks also keep players safe during aggressive play. They attach the net to the rim with no sharp or protruding edges, which means hands grabbing or bumping the rim are protected from cuts and scrapes.

With strong construction and features to improve safety, the HD Flex is a replacement basketball rim you can feel confident purchasing for your family’s home court.

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At Superior Play Systems®, we take safety and quality as seriously as we take fun. You can purchase one of our replacement basketball rims online or visit your local Superior Play Systems® showroom to see what makes us The Most Trusted Name in Play®.



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