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  • Playland SP5-A25210

    $111,242 $145,373

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Commercial Playgrounds

Superior Play Systems has specialized in commercial playground systems for over 20 years. We offer only the absolute finest and most innovative products, designs, and materials on the market today as well as installation  and service.

Typically, purchasing a commercial playground area requires much research and involves a variety of manufacturers plus comparison of features and pricing.  This is a very time consuming process which you can avoid by contacting one of our specialists in our commercial products division.  Call our chat now to let us help you design and plan your perfect gathering area.

Buying a Commercial Playground

If you’re interested in buying a commercial swing set or playground equipment, you will want to:

  • Choose a reputable company. Superior Play Systems has helped thousands of churches, places of worship, schools, daycares, communities and other organizations choose the right commercial playground options for them. We know how to work with small spaces, unique needs and more.
  • Create an inclusive playground. Commercial, public playgrounds as well as playgrounds designed for businesses need to be accessible and need to comply with ADA guidelines. However, to ensure all kids can use your playground, you will want to create an inclusive playground, too. This means your playground has equipment that can be used by all kids, not just children with mobility challenges or other conditions, and vice versa. Superior Play Systems has helped build many accessible and inclusive playgrounds, and we can help you create a design which will work for you.
  • Develop a unique design. Commercial playgrounds are not a one-size-fits all solution. You may need to account for specific terrain features, or you may want your playground to look a certain way to help you brand a business. Superior Play Systems has a team that can help you create a playground as unique as the kids using it!
  • Ensure safety. Safety is essential to any playground. With a commercial playground, however, safety considerations can help reduce your liability risk. It’s also important to consider safety because commercial playgrounds may see many more children than playground equipment in someone’s yard. For this reason, swings, slides and other play areas in a public space may need to be sturdier and better able to withstand many hours of use. Superior Play Systems ensures all equipment is tested for safety.
  • Work with your budget. You don’t want to cut corners on safety or fun, but you may have a budget to consider. Superior Play Systems has many options at various price ranges, and we can help with financing, too. You may also want to consider phase building, which allows you to buy some playground equipment now and continue adding to your playground as your finances allow.

If you’d like to build a beautiful, functional and safe playground for your place of worship, school, community, park or other space, contact a Superior Play Systems rep today to start developing a personalized plan for getting the right playground equipment for you. We support you every step of the way, from planning to design to budget and beyond to ensure you get the play area you want.