3 Driveway Basketball Drills to Stay Sharp Over the Summer

3 Driveway Basketball Drills to Stay Sharp Over the Summer

Basketball drills help athletes stay agile and sharp. Drills can also help athletes stay in shape and even build on their skills so they can have a better season next time. Whether you have kids trying out for school teams or family members who live and breathe basketball, drills can be a fun part of summer.

One of the best summer basketball tips coaches can offer is to keep up basketball practice as often as possible. Having your own hoops — such as the Lifetime® Pro Elite Shatter Guard portable basketball system or the PROview® series of basketball hoops — means drills can happen at any time.

When you have your own hoops, drills can happen more often and more consistently. You don’t have to drive to the gym and wait for hoops to become available. Buying your own also assures quality and safety, since Superior Play Systems® stands by our products with generous warranties.

Once you have your hoops, there are a few drills you’ll want to try:

1. Shooting Drills

Have your athletes stand in different parts of the area in front of the hoop and try to make shots from different angles. Make sure your athletes hold proper shooting form until the shot is made. Every time your athletes make a shot, note the shot made. This helps them keep track of how many times they can get the ball in the hoop, which helps them notice when they start to improve.

2. Dribbling Drills

Using chalk, create a line in front of the hoop. Have athletes dribble the ball along the line and make a shot when they get to the end of the chalk line. When the line has faded, draw a new one with a new pattern. You can have fun creating simpler or more complicated lines for dribbling.

3. One-on-One Drills

A great way to build footwork, passing and basketball skills is to play mock games. Try playing some pickup basketball games with two or more players. Athletes can develop their skills when they work off each other. Be sure to keep score or offer small prizes for younger kids to keep them encouraged and to help them see how they’re improving their skills.

Whether you have kids who just love basketball or children who want to play in their school or community, drills are a great way to keep them active and building their skills during the summer. If you need a basketball hoop, Superior Play Systems® has several options for you to choose from.

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