Fall Bucket List for Kids

Fall is here and kids are outside enjoying the last of the warmer weather while they can. Along with jumping in a trampoline or having fun on a swing set, why not have the kids create a bucket list of things to do during the fall? Need some ideas? Check out this list with some of our favorite fall activities!

1. Apple Picking 2. Pumpkin Picking 3. Jumping in Leaf Piles 4. Drinking Apple Cider 5. Bake a Pie 6. Eat Pumpkin Seeds 7. Make S’mores 8. Hayride 9. Wear a Hooded Sweatshirt 10. Stomp on Crunchy Leaves 11. Get Lost in a Corn Maze 12. Make a Scarecrow 13. Carve a Pumpkin 14. Eat a Caramel Apple 15. Make Pumpkin Cookies 16. Tailgate 17. Nature Hike 18. Watch a Scary-as-you-can-take Movie 19. Make Leaf Rubbings 20. Go To a Football Game 21. Make a Thankful Tree 22. Bob for Apples 23. Make Caramel Popcorn 24. Read a Spooky Story 25. Make Pinecone Bird Feeders

Bonus Tip: To create a travel-friendly list, print/write out your list and laminate it. You can then punch out your list with a hole punch or use a permanent marker to check them off. (Note: The permanent marker can be removed for reuse of the list next year!)

Have fun!

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