How to Create a Safe Outdoor Environment for Your Children

How to Create a Safe Outdoor Environment for Your Children

Creating a safe outdoor environment for your kids is a top priority as a parent. There are several things you can do to ensure your yard outdoor play area is as safe as possible:

Buy Quality Playground Equipment

Playsets, trampolines, basketball hoops and other equipment come in all price points and all levels of quality. Always carefully test to make sure you’re buying superior products built for safety.

Superior Play Systems® has twenty years of experience in the industry and carefully tests all equipment for safety and reliably, so you can be sure you’re getting quality pieces designed with durability and safety in mind.

Ensure Proper Supervision

Even the safest playground equipment can become less than safe when children are reckless around it or use it incorrectly. Create a playground area outside where you can sit and watch your children at all times. Meet with other parents or hire babysitters to ensure children are never left alone, even for short periods of time. It only takes a few seconds for an injury or accident take place.

Go Over Playground Safety Regularly

Sit down with your children and review playground safety — not just at home, but also on the playground at school and in parks. This helps your children understand how to play safe no matter where they are.

Rather than just telling your children safety rules, work together to come up with ways your children can stay safe. Ask them what they think they can do to stay safe on the playground. Create a list together of all the ideas they have about keeping kids safe on the playground. Kids may be more receptive if they are part of the conversation and come up with their own safety ideas.

If you have a playground at home, consider posting your own safety rules where children and guests can see it easily. This ensures everyone plays safe in your play area. Rules such as “no pushing” can be a big help. You can also designate running to specific areas where there’s enough space for it. For posted safety rules, try to keep it simple and list just a few.

Check Your Playground

Proper maintenance and checks of your play area are needed on a regular basis, since wear and tear does happen. Make sure the surfacing under your equipment is still thick enough and protective enough to keep kids safe. Check all connecting pieces for stability. Also, check for any defects or problems regularly.

For a look at safe and enjoyable playground equipment done right, visit Superior Play Systems®. We offer comprehensive, warranty-backed systems that can ensure you don’t have to worry about defective items.

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