Active Indoor Snow Day Activities

Active Indoor Snow Day Activities

Winter activities for kids help children stay active and engaged, even when the weather isn’t great outside. Whether it’s snowing, sleeting, storming or just too cold for play, you should have several indoor activities for kids on hand. Indoor play can still encourage exercise and social development while allowing kids to stay safe from the cold.

If you’re enjoying an indoor snow day or your kids have a day off from school on a winter day, here are some activities you may want to try together.

Indoor Snowball Fight

Outdoor snowball fights can get messy, and an indoor snow fight can be a lot of fun. Have children build “snowballs” out of pieces of paper, crumpled cloth and wads of cotton batting. They can throw these balls around, and the cleanup is much easier. It also ensures they get some physical exercise even when they are stuck indoors.

Indoor Snowman

It’s possible to build an indoor snowman and have a lot of fun decorating it. There are a lot of ways to create a snowman inside:

  • You can purchase large Styrofoam balls from craft stores, which is a creative solution if you live in a warmer climate where snowmen may not be possible outside.
  • You can also build a snowman from Play-Doh.
  • Another option is to draw the outline of a large snowman on a large piece of poster paper and have children decorate it. Hang the finished masterpiece in a prominent place in your home all winter long. You can also use frost inside your freezer to build a “real” if tiny snowman and stow him in the freezer all season.

Indoor Sledding

Who says you need snow, sleds or hills to go sledding? Using couch cushions and a sleeping bag, you can create a gradual and soft hill for kids to slide on. Just make sure they have enough clearance so they will not bump into furniture.


Curling is a challenging indoor activity. All you need is a large flat surface and smooth flooring. Have children create stones out of plastic containers filled with beans. Tape the lids on securely and have kids slide their “rocks” toward the center to bump other rocks out of the way.

Ice Hockey

If you have a large indoor space, such as a rec room or a large living room where you can move all the furniture out of the way, kids can have fun playing indoor hockey together. Use hockey sticks and a softball, and create nets on either end of the room. Make sure one person keeps score.

Whether you live in a cold climate or a warm one, indoor days in winter can still be fun. If you need playground equipment to keep your kids active outdoors, Superior Play Systems® has a number of custom and premade solutions to suit your needs, no matter what your climate.

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