6 Ways to Improve Basketball Free Throw Shooting

6 Ways to Improve Basketball Free Throw Shooting

Being able to get the ball in the net is about mastering a range of smaller skills. If you want to improve your free throws, make sure to follow these free throw shooting tips:

1. Practice Free Throw Shooting

Every chance you get, you should be out there practicing. Getting an indoor or outdoor basketball goal can make this easier since it allows you to play without having to go to the gym. Superior Play Systems® has a number of options in different price ranges which are good no matter how much or how little space you have.

2. Practice Basketball Shooting Form

Before you even shoot, practice your form. Practice in front of a mirror and in front of the net with a basketball in your hands. Proper form means your feet are facing your off hand and your shooting elbow, hip and shoulder are aligned to the net. Your shoulders should be back, and your stance should be relaxed, with your legs flexed.

3. Watch Basketball Like a Coach or Pro Player

You can learn a lot about basketball form and free throws by watching skilled players. Don’t just watch the games for enjoyment. Instead, watch them slowed down or on replay, analyzing what you see. What form do the players use? What decisions are they making to get to the net? What decisions are they making at the net? Would you make the same choices?

4. Make Your Practice Into a Game

Just practicing free throws hour after hour can get a little dull, so spice it up. If you’re playing alone, compete with yourself. Keep a mental tally, subtracting one for every miss and adding one for every shot in the hoop. Try to get to an even ten. If you’re playing with a friend, compete against each other to see who can get the most makes or who can get to ten fastest.

5. Develop a Rhythm

For many players, they take three dribbles before they shoot, but it’s different for every athlete. Create a little pre-free throw ritual like this that gets you into the right mindset.

6. Know What to Do

Knowing what to do at the free throw line is half the battle. Make sure your feet are not flat on the ground. Look toward the highest front part of the rim and the lowest point at the back. Visualize the ball traveling on a line down the center and shoot deep to make sure this happens. When you’re ready to take the shot, use your dominant hand to push the ball toward the hoop and your non-dominant hand to steady the ball and guide it in the direction you want. Follow through on every shot.

If you want quality basketball systems that allow you to practice and perfect your shots, Superior Play Systems® has a range of options designed to give you a pro feel and the durability to handle even your most aggressive shots. Check out the basketball nets and goals, and order yours today.

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