10 Screen-Free Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

10 Screen-Free Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

If you want to promote active children and outdoor activities, there are several screen-free activities you can offer your kids. Here are ten possibilities to get you started.

1. Outdoor Play

Set up a playground outside and your children will be able to spend time sliding, swinging, shooting a basketball and taking part in multiple activity areas. If you want to encourage open-ended play with a playground designed with innovation in mind, contact Superior Play Systems® for a custom playground designed to work for you.

2. Take Your Kids out of the House

Going to a play area or a park can be exciting for kids and can get them away from electronic devices. Superior Play Systems® has open play locations where your kids can play on the latest playground equipment.

3. Artwork

Buy large pieces of paper and paints and start painting together. Kids can have a lot of fun when they get to engage with paints as a full-body exercise. Older kids can also have fun exploring their artistic side. Another option is to buy washable paint and decorate your yard with it. Or, buy chalk and let kids have fun decorating the driveway.

4. Kitchen Fun

The kitchen is a lot of fun for younger kids. Bake or cook together or whip up bubbles or foam for hours of fun. In the summer, create your own popsicles or dream up your own recipes. You can also head to a pick-your-own farm or farmer’s market first to gather ingredients.

5. Summer Kid’s Activities

Most towns and cities have children’s programs such as camps and summer programs. At your library, community center or museums, you can find activities which will keep your kids busy and learning without their phones or computers.

6. Fun With Animals

Take your kids to an animal sanctuary, petting zoo or working farm where they can interact with animals. Most kids love to spend time with animals, and if you declare the day phone-free, they can happily spend hours running around with baby cows and sheep instead of looking at a screen.

7. Board Game Nights

If your kids love video games, break them out of the habit by having a once-a-week board game night or a puzzle night. Start by picking out some fun board games together and then playing. Consider keeping track of who wins or offer small prizes to keep things even more interesting.

8. Camping

Setting up a tent and sleeping bag in the yard or a local park is a great way to enjoy nature and even hiking. Leave the phones at home and just keep one for emergencies in the car. “Getting away from it all” can be a great way to show your children how much excitement exists beyond the online world. Camping outside your neighborhood also has the added advantage that cell phone service may not be available!

9. Get Fit as a Family

Go hiking together once a week, start training for a charity marathon or walk together as a group. Working towards a goal can make it more fun to work together and can keep kids focused on the result rather than their devices. This activity also ensures you stay fit and healthy.

10. Go on a Bug or Treasure Hunt

Go out together to a natural area and try to find as many insects as possible, or try to spot as many birds as you can. You might also read up about rocks and try to find the prettiest “treasures” you can put in a place of honor at home.

Many families today want to create screen-free time when no one is looking at a cell phone, computer or TV. Planning a few device-free activities can help you spend time together as a family and even stay fit!

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