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SKU: SKU-579-628

PROformance Hoops WM72 Wall Mount 72"

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Wall Mount Basketball Hoop

PROformance Hoops wall mount hoops let you play more basketball and get better at your game, whether you’re a student-athlete, serious player or just like to toss the ball around. No matter your skill level and preferred style of play, this basketball hoop wall mount has the durability and customization you need.

The wall-mount basketball hoop is ideal for indoor courts and for areas where an in-ground PROformance Hoops goal is not possible due to limited space. Our wall-mount hoops are economical, flexible and convenient additions to virtually any indoor or outdoor area.

Great design features of the PROformance Hoops wall-mount goal include:

  • A convenient Adjustment Mechanism: Not only is it built-in, but the removable crank handle that comes with the system lets you easily and quickly adjust from 6ft to 10ft at any time from the ground. No ladders or climbing needed!
  • Stainless-Steel Construction: Every fastener, bolt and nut is made from stainless steel, ensuring safety and durability. Moreover, all stainless steel used in these hoops goes through a multiple-step coating process to produce fasteners and other components corrosion-free.
  • A Tough-Play Backboard: The backboard on this hoop is made from tempered glass and also features Bolt-to-Steel engineering for extra durability in every play condition.
  • A Dual Spring Safety Breakaway Rim: When you slam dunk with all your might, your PROformance Hoops rim snaps right back into place safely, minimizing the stress on your backboard and reducing the risk of injury to players.
  • Lifetime Warranty: PROformance Hoops come with a lifetime warranty because the manufacturers are so confident this hoop will stand up to as many baskets as you can make.
  • Mobility: When you move, it’s easy to take your basketball goal with you. Renovating? Want to try your game in a different space on your property? With a wall-mount hoop, it’s not a problem.
  • Flexibility: Sometimes, in-ground systems are not practical due to space considerations or hard terrain. When you don’t want or need an in-ground hoop, this wall-mount is the convenient and flexible solution.
  • Customization: You can easily customize your hoop with many accessories, including nets representing your favorite teams. You can celebrate the players you most admire while you work on your game.

If you want to see the power of PROformance Hoops yourself, contact Superior Play Systems or stop by one of our showrooms to test out these basketball hoops yourself. At Superior Play Systems, we’re committed to helping you play your best game.


Product Features:

External Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism
42" x 72" x 3/8" Fully-Tempered Glass, Steel-Framed Backboard
3' Extension from Wall to Backboard
Adjustable from 7' to 10'
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturer Proformance Hoops Basketball Goals
Special Price $1,799
Backboard Size 42" x 72"
Tempered Glass Thickness 3/8”
Pole Size Wall Mounted
Steel Thickness No
Height Range 7ft to 10ft
Height Adjustment Single Cylinder
Undercoat Electroplated Zinc
Hardware Stainless Steel
Rim Dual Spring Breakaway with Hide-away net attachment
Overhang 3ft.
Weight 244 lbs
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