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 If your kids are like our kids one of their favorite things to do is to create a tent out of almost anything and then let their imaginations run wild. Toss a bed sheet over a couple of chairs and they are in their secret clubhouse or on safari in deepest Africa. So imagine their delight with a 5 1/2 foot tall 11-foot wide, 8 sided circus-like tent that fits on top of their trampoline.
It's great for daytime adventures or sleepovers the tent can sleep 4 or 5 ten year olds comfortably. It has zippered and netted/screened doors and windows, a full floor, double-stitched seams and easily attaches to the JumpSport Safety Enclosure in less than 5 minutes. There are no poles used in this patent pending safety conscious design the tent is suspended with bungee cords to the top and bottom of the safety enclosure.
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Big Top Tent

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Why Get a Trampoline Tent?

The big top trampoline tent is a wonderful way to make your trampoline more flexible by creating whole new adventures for your kids to have. With a trampoline tent, you can enjoy:

  • Forts. Children love forts and the tent is a perfect way to build a sturdy and safe tent which will not collapse. It makes a smart and safe alternative to a tree house, where heights may be an issue. And when kids are done playing, it can be put away again.
  • A cozy reading nook. Want children to enjoy reading? Set up a cozy space outside for quiet time. This can also be a terrific option for children who get overwhelmed and need a place to get away.
  • Outdoor play in all weather, including wet weather. When it’s rainy or overcast, the tent can help keep kids off the wet ground and can still provide them with a dry and comfortable place to play.
  • Live show stages. Kids can have a great time pushing back the flaps and putting on live shows. Using their imaginations, budding thespians can write their own plays and then put on performances. 

Superior Play Systems can help you set up a tent on your trampoline. Browse our selection or contact us for help.


GIANT! 11 Feet Across, 5 1/2 Feet High  Patent Pending No-Pole Safety Design  3 Windows & 1 Door with Screens & Zippers  Quick & Easy 3 minute Install  Fits ONLY 12' - 14' Round Trampolines  Designed specifically for use with JumpSport & AlleyOop Sports Safety Enclosures, and is NOT guaranteed to work with other brands of enclosures

Manufacturer SPS
Special Price $170
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