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About Superior Play

Your Playground Equipment Company for Quality and Safety

Superior Play Systems is a playground equipment company with locations in NC, NJ, PA and GA, and we’re proud to serve customers, children and families across the area. If you're looking for a reliable playground equipment company in NJ or your state, we fit the bill.

Why Superior Play Systems?

At Superior Play Systems, our purpose is to become the most trusted and reliable playground equipment store in NC, NJ, PA and GA, and the surrounding areas. To that end, we:

  • Work to become the safest playground equipment supplier in GA, PA, NJ, NC and the surrounding regions. We don't just sell outdoor playground equipment. We test it, check the designs, and test again. Our indoor and outdoor playground equipment is worlds away from discount products made with inferior materials. All our equipment has safety and quality built right in. From sturdy wooden playsets made with 100% percent chemical-free solid cedar to our extensively tested, sturdy trampolines, our number one goal is safety.
  • Strive to become among the most trusted playground equipment suppliers in PA and other states. We have more than 25 years of experience as an outdoor playground equipment company. Over that period of time, we've always stood by our products. When you buy our outdoor playground equipment for residential or commercial locations, you know we'll address any issues. There's no fine print and no exceptions. Even if carpenter bees attack your wooden playset, we’ll handle it. After working with our design team, you will understand why we are The Most Trusted Name In Play. ®
  • Take action to become the most customer-focused outdoor play structures installation company. We believe as the leading playground equipment company serving North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia, we need to be able to provide the type of service you and your family deserve. It's why when you drop by one of our centers, you can test our playground equipment and even play on it at our stores. It's also why make it easy for you to contact us if you have any questions. We offer installation and other services and work hard to support you every step of the way so your children can enjoy many years of play.

Our Mission

Our goal as one of the premier playground equipment suppliers is simple: We want to provide the highest quality playground equipment to ensure years of active and creative play for your children. Our main goal is to make children happy while keeping them safe. Due to our innovative design services Superior Play Systems is Where Quality Comes Into Play. ®

Our History

Superior Play Systems was founded more than two decades ago, when a group of parents realized the safe, high-quality playground equipment they wanted for their children was hard to find. That group of parents got together and developed a company that would stand by each piece of playground equipment and would offer the type of high quality children deserve.